Nelson Mandela Precinct (2020)

Nelson Mandela Precinct (2020)


 The Nelson Mandela Precinct has been converted into a mixed use precinct offeringthe following mix:
Retail spaces
Long & Short stay Apartments
Medical facilities
Offices and meeting rooms
Food courts
Roof Gardens

The Nelson Mandela Precinct encompasses the three buildings namely:

i. Nicoz House
ii. Weatherby House
iii. Old Shell House

These buildings are designed to cater for the central business district fast paced business life. The precinct looks to provide a one stop shop where the three tenets of of life which are Live, Work and Play are catered for.
The Nicoz House is  converted into a hotel and Conference facility for the traveling business person. The Weatherby house is converted into a lifestyle centre for the wellbeing of the business person providing a health centre gym and recreational space in the centre of the CBD. The Old Shell building is converted into offices and apartments for the young professional who wants to work closer to home